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They say not to confuse cockiness with confidence, because it’s not bragging if you can back it up and Seth Rollins is an embodiment of that. Knowing what he wanted and exactly where he wanted to go is what has steered Seth to success and after years of wrestling on the independent scene, Seth finally got what he was fighting for. Now, Seth Rollins has quickly taken over WWE and all sports entertainment, with fans worldwide buying in on the future.
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    WWE’s Seth Rollins is a big guy who can do some serious high-flying in the ring! Who and what inspired that?? And how is he liking flyin’ solo these days since the bust-up of The Shield? Seth takes us through his days at Ring of Honor as Tyler Black to his developmental deal with WWE at NXT, and the formation of The Shield. Yes, they really carried plastic “Game of Thrones” style shields at one point! Hear about his original finishing move, “The Piece of Mind,” how he got his WWE character name, why he’s obsessed with the wet hair look, and what exactly he keeps in that “Money In The Bank” briefcase! Plus, Rapid Delivery Rory Fox shares his side of exploding tights debacle that left him naked in the ring!


    WWE taped this week’s Friday Night SmackDown at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

    — Ryback def. Seth Rollins via DQ after Kane came out with a chair. It was a good match that went over 15 minutes or so. Kane worked over Ryback with a chair as Rollins and J&J Security watched from the ramp.


    We have seen who WWE thinks will win, we’ve even seen who Grumpy Cat thinks will win… but who do YOU think will win at Survivor Series? Are you siding with Team Cena or Team Authority? We asked and you answered!

    I think Team Authority will win at Survivor Series. Triple H and Seth have managed to get all five members on the same page in a short amount of time. Team authority has a strong leader in Seth. They’ve been dominant and have destroyed Team Cena week after week and John Cena has been MIA each time. It is hard to expect a team to pull it together and win when their own leader fails to support them. I think Team Authority will continue to do what they’ve been doing thus far and that’s rally together, while Team Cena will fail to become a cohesive unit and ultimately lose. – Dana, @jordana54

    I think Team Authority will prevail at Survivor Series because the team is full of the most dominant Superstars. They have a great combination of agility and strength. Team Cena has lacked all momentum heading in the PPV, and with their leader not in sight, the team may turn their backs on him tonight. However, they may regroup and come out as the underdog tonight – as long as their focus and strengths are in tact. – Taylor, @sostratusfying

    I think Team Authority will win. They’re going to win because Triple H and Stephanie will do whatever it takes to win. They’ll throw any kind of curve ball at Team Cena to win. They also have a lot of talent on their team. I don’t see anyone eliminating Rusev, the unpredictable Seth Rollins or the wild card in Luke Harper. – Kate, @kiss2kill

    I believe Team Authority is going to win, because that is what’s best for business! Team Cena just isn’t as dominate as Team Authority. It’s just not going to go in Team Cena’s favor. – Sarah, @AJLeeFan4Life

    I pick Team Authority to win, because they’ve got a captain who knows how to be a team player and who can come up with different stunts while in the ring. Triple H always says that the Authority always wins, that’s why I choose Team Authority to come out strong and victorious! – Leigha, @aleighastar1

    I’m going with Team Authority. I’m not saying this because Seth is my favorite, but because the Authority always seem to have a Plan B and I’m sure Triple H won’t hold back from getting his hands dirty again, just like he did on SmackDown! Team Cena are going to be so close to winning the match, all for Team Authority to sneak their way to victory, just like they have for the past few months. So, I predict Team Authority to win, with Seth Rollins and Rusev being the sole survivors. – Linda, @_SkyHighRollins

    Who do YOU think will win tonight? Tweet us your predictions @rollinsnetwork!


    After John Cena rejected The Authority’s advances to become their chosen one, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon responded with a challenge, daring the Cenation leader to assemble a team to face their hand-chosen squad in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match on Nov. 23.

    What The Authority wasn’t bargaining for, however, was that WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon would later add an all-important wrinkle to the ceremonies: If Team Authority loses, Triple H & Stephanie will be ousted from power! Triple H somewhat evened the playing field on the final SmackDown before Survivor Series, promising to fire the members of Team Cena if Team Authority triumphs.

    The teams began to take shape on the Nov. 3 Raw as Team Authority officially named Seth Rollins and Kane to its ranks, as well as offered spots to Rusev and Mark Henry. The World’s Strongest Man officially accepted The Authority’s offer at the start of Raw one week later, and was rewarded with an Intercontinental Championship match against Dolph Ziggler.

    The Super Athlete and his handler, Lana, took a little more convincing to respond to Stephanie McMahon’s courtship, though The Authority wooed him with a United States Championship Match, which he won. The new champion finally accepted the spot on Team Authority after Rollins’ personal security team helped Rusev retain the title in his first defense against Sheamus. Team Authority rounded out their squad on the final Raw before Survivor Series with the addition of a “team player,” as Luke Harper formally joined the group before destroying Ziggler to claim the Intercontinental Championship.

    In addition to the 15-time World Champion himself, Team Cena is comprised of Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, shocking addition Erick Rowan — who replaced Sheamus after an attack by Team Authority sidelined him — and arguably most impactful member, Ryback. Though The Big Guy’s allegiance seemed to sway as he was courted by both teams, he ultimately sided with Cena and company a game-changing scene during the contract signing that occurred at the end of the Nov. 17 Raw.

    Now that the teams have been settled, what can the WWE Universe expect when 10 of the biggest and most successful Superstars lock horns with the fate of The Authority on the line? Who will be left standing tall at WWE’s fall-time tradition?

    Find out at WWE Survivor Series, live on WWE Network and pay-per-view, Sunday, Nov. 23 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT! And don’t forget, WWE Network — including Survivor Series — is FREE to all new subscribers for the month of November.



    Seth Rollins | This Week: 2 / Previous Week: 2 (-)

    Survivor Series will go a long way in shaping Seth Rollins’ future in WWE. If the end of SmackDown is any indication, Mr. Money in the Bank could be on the verge of taking the top spot on the Power Rankings.


    Tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown served as the go-home show for Survivor Series. The last time Team Authority and Team Cena get to show their strength as a team before the pay-per-view. Tonight, only ONE team did that.

    First things first, Triple H dropped a bombshell tonight. If John Cena’s team is to lose at Survivor Series, then Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Big Show, and Erick Rowan will be fired! Yes, you read that right… fired! Now, it’s only fair that John Cena’s team has something to lose. Remember, Team Authority can lose pretty much everything as well… but at least they would be at RAW on Monday night, instead of the unemployment line.

    Nonetheless, we move on to the main event. Ryback and Big Show are set to take on Seth Rollins and Kane in a tag team match. Team Cena members are banned from ringside… except Cena, but we know he won’t be coming to his teammates rescue anyway. Ryback and Big Show dominate the early-goings of the match, but the rest of Team Authority show up to show support for their teammates. Where’s Team Ce-… oh, right.

    Ryback and Big Show remain in control for almost the entirety of the match, but Team Authority intervenes, giving them the victory by disqualification. The loss has no affect on them, because they’re out for one thing… dominance. All hell breaks loose and the rest of Team Cena try to make the save, but they’re put down as well. Team Authority decimate Team Cena with little effort. We end the show with Team Authority standing tall and leaving what’s left of Team Cena in their wake.

    So, Team Cena gets destroyed… again and where was their team leader? Not there. How can Team Cena confidently go into Survivor Series when they can’t even rely on their team leader? They can’t. However, they made their choice and now, they have to live with it. See you at Survivor Series, boys.

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    Joey Styles: These types of matches are almost impossible to predict, because we are not tasked with picking an entire winning team, but anywhere from one to five survivors of the winning team. That being said, I am going to start by predicting the winning team because of the high stakes of the match. The survivors of the match will be on Team Cena , meaning The Authority will no longer be in power. As for which Team Cena members survive, I’m going with Dolph Ziggler and Ryback, only to see The Big Guy then Shellshock The Showoff, because he’s just not a team player, unless that team is Team Ryback. WINNER: Team Cena

    Howard Finkel: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have assembled an impressive and in-sync array of talent, as the team members all seem to have each other’s backs. On the other side, I feel that the paint is still wet with Team Cena and might not be dry by this Sunday. Will Ryback revert back to being his own man? Can Erick Rowan be trusted? And how healthy are Dolph Ziggler and Big Show following Raw? I also wonder how cohesive a team they will be, because to me, Cena had to do more than his fair share of convincing to get folks to join with him. It’s all or nothing for The Authority, and I believe they will prevail in this traditional Survivor Series contest! WINNER: Team Authority

    Bill Apter: Team captain John Cena’s motto is “Never give up,” and his teammates certainly share his goal of totally demolishing Team Authority, which undoubtedly will spur on Cena and his fighting allies to ultimate victory. I do caution that Team Authority could pull out a surprise win if Ryback, who I don’t trust at all, decides to align himself with Team Authority during a critical point in the match. WINNER: Team Cena

    Scott Taylor: Where there’s a will, John Cena finds a way. The stakes have never been higher for a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match, and I think we are looking at two of the strongest Survivor Series teams ever assembled. But for me, the X-factor is the Cenation leader, who has made a career out of winning big matches. The Authority’s time is up … even if they can’t see it yet. WINNER: Team Cena

    Zach Linder: John Cena’s road to Survivor Series has been — to say the least — a bumpy one. Until late Monday night, Cena didn’t even have a complete quintet. With the additions of Ryback and Erick Rowan on Raw, not to mention Triple H being left in a heap wearing a rumpled button-down, Cena seems to finally have the momentum he needs. But one night does not a team make. The Authority has curated a cadre that oozes power. They can’t lose. Their livelihoods are on the line. My money’s on the bad guys. WINNER: Team Authority

    Team Cena: 3, Team Authority: 2

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