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They say not to confuse cockiness with confidence, because it’s not bragging if you can back it up and Colby Lopez is an embodiment of that. Knowing what he wanted and exactly where he wanted to go is what led Colby straight to success and after years on the independent scene, Colby finally got what he was fighting for. Now, as WWE's Seth Rollins, he's quickly taken over the WWE and sports entertainment, with fans worldwide buying in on the future.
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    CHICAGO — In a Steel Cage Match where the RKO was banned, Randy Orton’s signature maneuver proved to play a pivotal role in the bout’s outcome. Although, in classic RKO fashion, it appeared in a way nobody saw coming.

    How The Viper would approach his WWE World Heavyweight Title opportunity against Seth Rollins without the use of his greatest weapon was one of the many questions the WWE Universe was considering going into Extreme Rules. What would the champion do with his J&J Security cronies unable to get involved? And, most pressing, what role would The Authority’s Director of Operations, Kane, play as the bout’s gatekeeper?

    Seth answered the second question when he tried to climb out of the cage the moment the bell rang in an attempt to retain his title in the most painless way possible. It wasn’t going to be that easy, though. Orton pulled the champion back into the ring and immediately turned this bout into a fistfight. Despite the punishment he was receiving, Rollins stayed focused on escape — clearly his Plan A going into this defense — and latched onto the wall like Spiderman and climbed to the top whenever Orton attempted to launch him into the steel.

    Still, Orton was methodical, abusing Rollins at a deliberate pace. Rollins would attempt to climb out and The Viper would cut him off before brutalizing him with exacting kicks and punches. Rollins soon realized that evasion wasn’t going to work, and found himself trading kicks and punches with the challenger. As the bout progressed, so did the champion’s confidence. He even took a moment to mock The Viper, shouting, “You wanted this!” at his downed opponent.

    The bulk of this match proved to be a pure brawl with each competitor throwing their best stuff at the other. The sound of ribs crunching under boots and flesh connecting with bone echoed throughout the All State Arena for the length of the battle.

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    WWE have released 2 new teasers for tonight’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, which you can watch below!



    WrestleMania is in the books, and now, it’s time to get extreme! One of the most brutal days on the WWE calendar, Extreme Rules, is almost here, which means it’s time for WWE.com’s staff to analyze the hardcore card.

    Will Randy Orton be able to dethrone WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins inside a steel cage without his devastating RKO? Can John Cena survive what is sure to be a vicious Russian Chain Match against Rusev and retain his United States Title? Who will be forced to pucker up in an ultimate act of humiliation after the Kiss Me Arse Match — Dolph Ziggler or Sheamus?

    Take a look at these predictions from WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel, ECW Original Joey Styles and WWE.com editors, then let us know who you think will stand tall this Sunday in the comments below!

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton(Title Match, Steel Cage, RKO Banned)
    Joey Styles: In an interesting series of twists, champion Seth Rollins chose to have Randy Orton’s outta nowhere RKO banned and the challenger chose a Steel Cage Match so The Authority could not interfere. Orton can use something else to beat Rollins, but Rollins can’t use somebody else to help him because his new adversary Kane will make sure of it, right? Wrong! I don’t buy that Kane is fed up with being The Authority’s hired muscle. I think Triple H having to keep the peace between Rollins and Kane is a ruse. As WWE’s longest tenured Superstar, Kane knows that you grin and bear whatever position The Authority gives you. When it seems that Orton is about to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from The Authority-installed Rollins, Kane will interject himself into the Steel Cage Match (which has no disqualifications) and personally see that Rollins remains champion. WINNER: Seth Rollins

    Anthony Benigno: If this were just a regular Steel Cage Match minus the RKO, I’d go with Orton. The Viper’s got the deeper arsenal, more experience in these sorts of matches, plus, he’s got the dreaded punt in his back pocket. However, this match will hinge on Kane’s status as keeper of the keys for the steel cage. The Director of Operations has been on the outs with Rollins for some time now, and no amount of smoothing-over on the part of Triple H seems to have swayed him from his general disdain for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s still an Authority employee, though, so expect this match to go much as Rollins’ Money in the Bank victory did: The Architect will earn the win on the shoulders of The Devil’s Favorite Demon. WINNER: Seth Rollins

    Scott Taylor: Despite the uncertainty surrounding Kane’s role as “gatekeeper,” I have no doubt that Seth Rollins has plans B, C and D ready to go. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion didn’t get to where he is without outsmarting the competition along the way. WINNER: Seth Rollins

    Matthew Artus: As one of two Extreme Rules grapplers whose experience at this event dates back to its ECW One Night Stand days, Randy Orton feels like an obvious choice. However, the banned RKO and Seth Rollins’ record of escaping cagey confines due to unannounced guests (Bray Wyatt or Brock Lesnar, anyone?) put the odds in favor of The Authority’s golden boy. WINNER: Seth Rollins

    Howard Finkel: Getting the RKO banned was smart strategy from Rollins. But you can’t downgrade Orton’s chances of winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship just due to that. Orton’s got Rollins exactly where he wants him — in the cage — and you know how that can go. I am also curious as to what frame of mind Kane will be in this Sunday as gatekeeper of the cage. Regardless, I look for Rollins to eke out a victory and retain his championship. WINNER: Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins: 5, Randy Orton: 0


    We never thought we’d see Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels trading blows at the top of a ladder, or The Shield and Evolution brawling through the crowd. Yet, those dream bouts happened. They just weren’t pretty. These fantasy showdowns weren’t for the faint of heart.

    With another installment of Extreme Rules drawing near, WWE.com asked nine Superstars, including Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Neville, to tell us which Legends and Hall of Famers they’d want to smash through a table and pummel with chairs.

    Forget the rules and forget the mat classics, because these nine Superstars have much more diabolical matchups in mind for their dream opponents.

    Seth Rollins vs. Cactus Jack — Boiler Room Brawl
    Whether jumping from the TitanTron or falling off Hell in a Cell, Seth Rollins always got back up no matter the damage. It’s reminiscent of Attitude Era icon Cactus Jack, who kept fighting no matter how many times a rival knocked him down. Rollins wanted to see if he could be the one to keep him down once and for all.

    “I’m going to shoot for the No. 1 hardcore legend of all time: The Cactus Jack personality of Mick Foley,” Rollins said, “in a Boiler Room Brawl.”

    While stepping into a stipulation Mick Foley helped to innovate, where the competitors brawl backstage until one can make it to the ring, Rollins had his eyes on stealing a victory by stealing the closest friend of Foley’s most diabolical persona.

    “Barbie, of course, the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire — that’s Cactus’ weapon and I’d like to take it from him and use it against him.”




    Seth Rollins | This Week: 2 / Previous Week: 1

    The reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion tumbles out of the top spot after succumbing to one last RKO on Raw. Seth Rollins will retain his title if he realizes that fate again at Extreme Rules, though his reign remains in jeopardy unless he can outlast WWE’s Apex Predator in a Steel Cage Match.

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